I am Johann, 29 years old (yeah, I know, only one year left before the Thirties... 🙄), French (from Bretagne 🥞) and living in Stockholm since 2017. I love baking and eating (not always in this order 😏), going out with my friends (always up for a 🍷/🍺), talking to my cat Figaro (we have great conversations 💅), skyping with my genius nephew (one day, he will visit Sweden 🤞), travelling & hiking (and most of the time getting lost 😵) and creating new things all the time (a company maybe... 😍) !

Some people will tell you I use too many emojis... #theyarewrong 🤥


After four years studying pastry in France and several experiences (Rennes, Paris, Luxembourg), I decided to move to Stockholm in 2017 (I fell in love with this city during a previous internship 😍) to work there as pastry chef 🍰


In 2018, I was looking for something personal and funny to offer for a friend's birthday. With my experience of pastry chef, I knew it had to be something sweet (it was at least what was expected 😋).

I found a kit that I could use to customize my own biscuits and I loved the idea! That's thus how my very first biscuits were stamped "Have an amazing birthday!" (I agree, it was not super original 😄). It really made his day (the opposite would have been horrible 😱) and my friend asked me then if I could make some with other messages. Yeeeeeees 🤘

After receiving several orders, I realized it would make a great business idea! This is how everything started for My Little Biscuits (why isn't there a biscuit emoji? No, this - 🍪 - is a COOKIE!) 😖

Thank you for following my crazy entrepreneurial adventure (what some people basically call a "business").

Let’s reach for the stars 🚀😘